Ekattor TV Live Stream | Ekattor Live

Ekattor TV Live Stream | Ekattor Live

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Ekattor is the First TWO-WAY News and Current Affairs Television of Bangladesh with cutting-edge technology as well as excellence in contents. It's the First Full HD television of Bangladesh and pioneer in many other aspects of television industry of Bangladesh as well as South Asia region. The television marked its signature in broadcast journalism around the country and abroad.

Connecting News and People is the USP of the Channel. Upholding the spirit of Liberation War of Bangladesh is the editorial position of the station.

Ekattor Media Limited
Bangabandhu Satellite Parameter:
Satellite: BS1
Orbital Position: 119.1 ͦ East
Polarization: Horizontal
Frequency: 4600MHz
Modulation: 8PSK
FEC: 2/3
Symbol Rate: 30,000
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